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Map of the world
Mexico is located in North America. It borders on the north with the United States and on the south with Belize and Guatemala.

Cozumel is a small island located on the eastern side of México in the Caribbean Sea. It is east of the Yucatán Peninsula, and forms part of the state of Quintana Roo.

Cozumel is Mexico's largest inhabited island and along Isla Mujeres, it is the east most part of Mexico.

Map of Mexico
México has access to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of México and the Caribbean sea.

You can bring your car to Cozumel by using the ferry ship operated by "Transbordadores del Caribe". The boat departs from the Ferry terminal at Punta Venados named "Calica" in the mainland, a few miles south of Playa del Carmen, and arrives to the cargo ferry terminal a couple of miles south of the town of San Miguel in Cozumel.

Make sure to check departure times. Usually Tuesday to Friday 4:00 am and Tuesday and Friday 8:00 are "Black Cargo", meaning dangerous cargo is accepted onboard, mainly gasoline and natural gas. Private cars are still allowed but only the driver can travel with the car these days. This restriction is strictly enforced and applies only from Punta Venados to Cozumel.

Cozumel has plenty of taxis, car and moped rental facilities, So unless you have a specific reason to bring a car from the mainland it's normally unnecessary. The trip is approximately one hour long. Make sure you are on the pier at least one hour before scheduled departure. Major credit cards are accepted. You may check the TransCaribe Site for current schedules, prices and other information. The site is in Spanish.

Map of the yucatan Peninsula
The Yucatán Peninsula is renowned for it's people, food, and Mayan ruins.

Cozumel has three international piers: Punta Langosta, Puerta Maya and the International Pier. Cozumel is a top cruise destination in the Caribbean hosting several of the most important cruise lines every day. Cruise ships represent the main tourist source for Cozumel with more than two million passengers disembarking on the island last year.

If you are visiting Cozumel aboard a cruise ship relax! There is no way to know Cozumel in single day. No matter what other destinations say, the truth is that scuba diving in Cozumel is far better and unique, so if you are a diver this may be the activity of choice. My second option for a single day visit to the Island will be renting a car and going around the Island. Third sugestion will be going to Cozumel downtown and relax. Of course there are many tours and activities you can book in the cruise ship to suit the interests of everybody.

Space view of Cozumel
Cozumel island as viewed from the space shuttle. This and other images of earth can be found at the Astronaut Photography of Earth NASA website.

If you are in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, and you wish to visit the island. You may either get one of the many one day tours to Cozumel or come by yourself. From the Cancun International Airport there are frequent flights to and from the island. Check the MAYAir Site for reservation prices and schedules.

You may also use the passenger ferry that departs from the downtown pier at Playa del Carmen. The trip takes just about 30 minutes. There are two companies providing the passenger service between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. Reservations are not required and unless you have a particularly large baggage, you should be able to board the boat if you arrive a few minutes before the scheduled departure. I don't advice to buy the return ticket in advance because that would force you to take the return ship only on the schedules of the company you bought the ticket.

You may check prices and schedules at their respective sites: Barcos Mexico and Ultramar